Hi, I'm Guim

Founder & CEO of Xatet

Entrepreneur and innovator

Internet Technologies expert


Founder & CEO of Xatet Technologies. Entrepreneur and innovator. Internet technologies expert.

"Our life changes at the same pace technology changes. Power of technology increases exponentially. Governments and businesses around the world are taking advantage of such power.​ I personally believe it's our duty as citizens, to make an improvement not only in businesses but in societies. This is the mission I'm trying to achieve through my company."

Guim has been a freelance developer for the last 5 years and has worked with cloud products from Google and Amazon, creating systems in both web and mobile applications. His company Xatet Technologies is dedicated to the development of mobile applications with the aim of generating a positive impact on society.


During my career I have developed the following skills.

Internet technologies

Development of technological infrastructures on the Internet for small companies or individuals.

App development

Development of mobile applications for iOS and Android with the Flutter framework.


Serverless architectures, NoSQL databases, cloud functions, jwt authentication, third party APIs, etc.